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Ligia Madrigal: The First Costa Rican Women to Conquer Mount Everest

The Costa Rican athlete arrived early Wednesday morning (Costa Rica time) at Camp 4. After a few hours of rest, she left for the summit. “And now she is on her way to the summit, Ligia María. She will try to reach the highest point on the planet, Everest. Let us pray with all our faith, to send all the best vibes so that Ligia reaches the summit safely and returns to Costa Rica,” wrote her husband, Federico Escalante.

This is the second time Ligia Madrigal has attempted to climb the highest mountain on the planet. In 2023, she attempted to do so, but adverse weather conditions prevented her from reaching the summit despite her good physical condition. This setback, instead of limiting her dreams, was the fuel to try once again.

At the beginning of 2024, Madrigal announced that she would reach her goal, no matter what as BAC Credomatic, the National Insurance Institute (INS) and Santa Ana Country Club supported her journey.

After enjoying the feat for a few minutes, Ligia had to descend from the summit as soon as possible. This downward journey must be done with great care since most accidents occur during the complicated descent.

It is worth noting that Costa Rican climber Daniel Vargas, who also reached base camp with Ligia Madrigal, had to abort the mission after suffering a viral infection and cerebral edema (accumulation of fluids in the brain). Only one Costa Rican, Warner Rojas, had ever accomplished this feat before. Rojas completed the journey in May 2012.

Climbing Everest is an extremely tough challenge due to the altitude and harsh weather conditions. Its treacherous terrain makes this quest one of the toughest, even for experienced mountaineers.

Ligia Madrigal has more than 25 years of mountaineering experience in places such as the Alps in France, several volcanoes in Patagonia, Pico Orizaba in Mexico, the Acatenango volcano in Guatemala, and summits in Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru.

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