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Best Time to Watch April Lyrids Meteor Shower in Costa Rica

Those who love astronomical phenomena have an appointment in the early hours of Sunday to Monday, as they will be able to observe the April Lyrids meteor shower, one of the oldest and most renowned meteor showers, with records dating back 2,700 years. The phenomenon is usually visible from about April 15 to April 29 each year, but its peak is usually around April 22–23 each year.

This event also marks the beginning of the annual meteor showers, after their routine absence between January and mid-April. According to NASA, the Lyrids have been observed for 2,700 years. The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower goes back to 687 BC by the Chinese. They’re also known for their fast and bright meteors.

“Though not as fast or as plentiful as the famous Perseids in August, Lyrids can surprise watchers with as many as 100 meteors seen per hour. Sightings of these heavier showers occurred in 1803 (Virginia), 1922 (Greece), 1945 (Japan), and 1982 (U.S.). In general, 10-20 Lyrid meteors can be seen per hour during their peak,” NASA said.

The Lyrids are best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere during the dark hours. From Costa Rica, the best time frame to witness this natural phenomenon is during the early morning of Monday, April 22, specifically at 3:23 a.m.

“Lyrids don’t tend to leave long, glowing dust trains behind them as they streak through the Earth’s atmosphere, but they can produce the occasional bright flash called a fireball,” explained NASA.

Unlike last year, this time its sighting will be affected by the proximity of the full moon phase, which will fill the firmament with lunar brightness. Experts suggest that this wonderful spectacle is better observed from an area well away from city lights or street lights.

NASA also explained that “their radiant – the point in the sky from which the Lyrids appear to come – is near the constellation Lyra, the harp,” and it’s “better to view the Lyrids away from their radiant,” as they will appear “longer and more spectacular.”

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