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Costa Rica Crocodile Attack During Nesting Season Turns Deadly

Two men were attacked by a crocodile in the Terraba River, Osa. The incident unfolded precisely in the sector known as Rancho Quemado at 9:50 a.m., as reported by the Red Cross. According to the team members, an initial on-site unit reported one patient safely out of the water in stable condition.

Witnesses recounted that the men were collecting water from the river when a crocodile, estimated to be between 5 or 6 meters long, attacked José Samuel Cruz Rivas, a well-known farmer in the area.

“The victims were gathering water on the riverbank when the attack occurred. One of the men was found outside the tributary,” the Red Cross mentioned. In the early hours of the morning, the search commenced for the 65-year-old man who was dragged into the river during the attack.

Searchers located the man’s body, which, according to his relatives, bore bite marks on the leg inflicted by the crocodile before submersion.

“A friend of my dad’s who came to see him, the two of them went down to collect water for the matitas, then the man saw where the animal attacked him, grabbed him, shook him, sank him, and took him away. It happened very quickly; the animal grabbed him by the foot and took him away, and kept on sumberging him again and again,” said Ludyn Cruz Cortés.

Meanwhile, Iván Sandoval, a biologist from the National University, explained that crocodiles are particularly aggressive during this time of the year, as they are in the nesting stage.

“To prevent crocodile attacks, it is crucial to avoid entering crocodile nesting areas, mainly rivers or lagoons, and refrain from being on the banks of rivers or beach areas during this season when nests are present and crocodiles fiercely defend their offspring,” elaborated Ivan Sandoval, biologist.

Crocodiles can nest on the ground or in sand, with females becoming more vulnerable during this period. They actively defend their nests to ensure a suitable habitat during the incubation process.

“The primary incubation period is in March, April, or May. Over 90 days, just before the rainy season begins, crocodiles hatch,” explained the biologist.

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