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Costa Rica featured in Forbes 10 Cheapest Places to Live

According to a new publication by Forbes, Costa Rica is one of the top 10 destinations to move to. The list selects the ideal destinations for anyone looking for a better, more affordable life or simply a way to escape the hectic pace of modern life.

“This is the year to pursue the dream: Quit your job and move to one of the cheapest (and best) places to live in the world, a country where it costs so little you might be able to stop working,” said the author of the article Laura Begley.

Begley said this list is meant for ” anyone looking for a better life, a more affordable life, or just a way to escape from it all.”

The article ranking considered the International Living Global Retirement Index and factors such as cost of living, climate, visas, housing, and medical care.

An internationally low cost of living, ease of travel to other countries, affordable medical care, and political stability were Costa Rica’s main strengths.

“Another thing going for it: political stability. It’s so stable that it has been nicknamed the “Switzerland of Central America,” the publication revealed.

One important feature was Costa Rica’s weather. The author stated, “Costa Rica has something for everyone, with a dozen climate zones and hundreds of microclimates.”

For those who like hot weather, “the dry tropical beaches of Guanacaste or the verdant jungles of the southern zone and the Caribbean will not disappoint.” Meanwhile, those who’d rather live somewhere with a temperate climate might want to choose San José or other regions of the Central Valley.

The complete list includes the following countries:

  1. Portugal
  2. Mexico
  3. Panama
  4. Ecuador
  5. Costa Rica
  6. Spain
  7. Greece
  8. France
  9. Italy
  10. Thailand

According to the piece, the cost of living is another point that makes it a great destination to relocate to, as “a couple can live comfortably, but not necessarily extravagantly, for approximately $2,500 to $3,000 a month. This includes renting a two-bedroom home/condo with North American style amenities, air conditioning, plus groceries, entertainment, transportation, and healthcare.”

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