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Former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla Resigns from the PLN

Yesterday, former President Laura Chinchilla announced her resignation from Partido Liberación Nacional.

Chinchilla wrote in a letter explaining her reasons for leaving the political party. She also shared the message on social media.

“There has been a succession of actions and omissions on behalf of its structures that, instead of responding to the unresolved issues, have distanced us from the aspirations of many Liberationists to correct errors, rectify the course and strengthen the moral and political capacity of the organization,” expressed Laura Chinchilla.

She also expressed concern for the back-to-back electoral defeats and the lack of accountability from party members.

“After three consecutive electoral defeats, Liberación Nacional continues acting as if nothing had happened. Even worse, instead of making an honest, rigorous, critical, and participatory assessment of its present and future, the party entered into a state of lethargy and denial about what happened, insisting on treating its losses as victories and its weaknesses as strengths,” she added.

Likewise, she mentioned that the party continues to maintain “questioned people, without the required ethical and political conditions and without interest in promoting its transformation.”

Throughout the letter, Laura Chinchillas explains that she advocated for changes within the party and its structures and for maintaining dialogue.

Despite her achievements within the party and her appreciation for those who helped her become Costa Rica’s first woman President, the course the party has taken, and the overall situation make it impossible to continue fighting alongside Partido Liberación Nacional.

“I leave PLN with the sadness of those who leave home and family, but without losing hope that others, at some point, will manage to redirect their course,” she said in her farewell letter.

For Laura Chinchilla, the new generations are the ones that will be able to lead and build a bright future.

Moreover, she said she “will continue to fight for the causes and principles” she firmly believes in and has always defended.

“To Costa Ricans and liberationists of good faith, I assure you that the doors of my house will remain open to talk with a friend willing to share and nurture your dreams, projects, and utopias,” she concluded.

The reactions of the party’s militants were immediate. Some understood the reasons, and for others, it was a big surprise.

Rodrigo Arias, deputy of the party, indicated that it is “a strong message about what the future of the party should represent.”

“It is a very powerful message because of what is happening within the party. It seems very difficult to understand. The secretary-general is being asked to resign, and he is not resigning,” Arias declared.

Other party members expressed their sadness upon hearing the news.

“It is a very tough loss for the party; personally, it hurts me a lot. We were colleagues, and I worked as a minister in her government,” said former congressman Carlos Ricardo Benavides.

The president of the National Liberation Party, Kattia Rivera, announced the convening of an emergency meeting due to the departure of Laura Chinchilla.

Although the PLN has the largest fraction of representatives, it has lost elections for two consecutive terms. Costa Ricans have been clear that they want real change and for the party to respond to the current needs of the people.

Laura Chinchilla’s departure from the party should be a wake-up call for all its members. They must listen and make the necessary changes if they wish to continue being a relevant national political force.

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