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Immigration IDs mandatory for online transactions

All foreign nationals in Costa Rica who need to make payments or transfer money online must now use the official government IDs: DIMEX or DIDI.

The Immigration Identification Document for Foreign Persons (DIMEX) and the Diplomatic Identification Document (DIDI) are the only valid forms of ID as of this month, Costa Rica’s Central Bank (BCCR) confirmed.

The DIMEX is an identification issued by the Immigration Administration which is granted to legal resident. It allows holders to complete bank transactions via the Internet.

The DIDI is issued by the Foreign Ministry to diplomats accredited in the country.

Online bank transactions performed by third parties with a local accounts may be completed with SINPE (National System for Electronic Payments) a digital platform operated by the Central Bank.

In order to get either one of the IDs, residents or diplomats must have a checking account, a savings account or a credit card with one of the local banks (private or public). Once the account is set up, they can request from the bank a 17-digit “client account” (cuenta cliente) number that is required to send or receive funds.

These measures are due to BCCR’s stipulations. Local banks have already begun to implement the necessary changes in their websites to meet this requirement.

Also, starting in July, foreigners are no longer able to use their passports to open bank accounts or transfer funds between banks in Costa Rica.


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