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Rafa Fernández art adorns dinnerware

The work of celebrated Costa Rican painter Rafa Fernández will enter thousands of Costa Rican homes, not on canvas, but on everyday items such as plates, coffee mugs and teapots. 

Fernández teamed up with Cemaco department stores to launch the dinnerware collection Sortilegios as part of Cemaco’s Trazos Criollos project, dedicated to bringing national art into Costa Rican homes. Previous designs have featured orchids and works by Tico artists Adrián Gómez and Jorge Crespo.

“We look for things that have to do with Costa Rica’s culture so that Costa Ricans can be proud of what we have in this country,” said Cemaco Marketing Director Joana Meltzer.

Fernández is one of Costa Rica’s most famous and productive modern painters. His work can be identified by his creativity, generous use of color and the presence of his usual muses, las mujeres

“I decided to be part of this project with the aim of bringing my characters to everyday objects,” Fernández said in a press release. “Artists like Picasso and Botero have done the same. It’s another way to reach audiences.”

The Sortilegios collection is now available at Cemaco stores. Prices range from ₡5,025-₡11,030 ($10-$22) per item. 


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