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What’s new in business? Dec. 10

National Registry Site in English

Any English-speaking landowner who’s ever struggled to understand what a “hypoteca” or a “catastro” is will be elated to learn that Costa Rica’s National Registry now has a website in English. Check it out at:

Much of the legwork involved in checking property titles and other tough tasks still must be done in Spanish, but this is a great start at accommodating folks who are a little slower at mastering complicated new language.

The site gives a great overview of the registry’s functions, as well as guidelines, rules, tariffs and even a glossary of terms. Also on the site are important contacts, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for various services, including real estate registry, legal entities registry and land registry.

The website may still be a little rough around the edges, but what a great start for what will likely wind up being a valuable resource.

Citroën Proud of Sleek

New C.R. Headquarters

European automakers Citroën inaugurated a new retail headquarter in Costa Rica this week in the Galicia Corporate Center in La Uruca. Citroën and Peugeot are owned by PSA Group, Europe’s second largest car manufacturer.

The new retail building offers Costa Rican clients a classy showroom, a bigger staff, a children’s toy room, a service area with the latest technology, and an inventory of more than 100 cars.

Citroën has been operating in Costa Rica for eight years and is now focusing marketing efforts on meeting the country’s growing demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles, a strategy aggressively pursued by parent company PSA.

PSA Group has developed a solid presence in European markets for low-emission automobiles. Its three current product development focuses include: more environmentally responsible emissions, better design, and excellent service.

If they can pull of all three, Costa Rican car buyers will undoubtedly be knocking on their door.

Citroën sells nine new car models, launched at the end of November, and expects to sell five more in 2011.

Starbucks Opens Second

Central America Store

Seattle-based Coffee giant Starbucks this week opened another retail store in Central America, this time in San Salvador’s ritzy Centro de Estilo La Gran Vía mall. It is Starbucks’ second store opening in the region this year.

“By opening our second store in the region, we are confirming our commitment to expand our role in the cultural heritage of coffee that is so omnipresent here,” said Mauricio Granadino, general manager of the Corporación Panamericana de Café (Pan-American Coffee Corporation), the Salvadoran company that manages Starbucks throughout the isthmus.

Starbucks La Gran Vía will also sell the locally grown coffee blend, El Salvador Pacamarauno, a highland coffee from Ahuachapán. El Salvador Pacamarauno is increasingly popular in Japan, among other markets.

Starbucks’ first store in Central America is also located in El Salvador. No word yet on when we’ll be able to buy a Tico Grande Latte. 


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