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Nicaragua denounces alleged military plot in Honduras

Nicaragua has denounced an alleged plot by the de facto government of Honduras to blame Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela of providing weapons to loyalists of deposed President Manuel Zelaya, who plans to return to Honduras Sunday after being ousted by a military coup June 28.

Denis Moncada, Nicaragua´s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C., denounced the alleged plot Saturday afternoon before the General Assembly of the OAS.

Moncada said the government of Roberto Micheletti is planning on staging a series of attacks against its own citizens, police and military to blame the violence on Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela and “distract” attention away from the coup. He said the alleged attack could happen in the following hours, before Zelaya´s scheduled return Sunday.

Moncada said the de facto Honduran government has “prefabricated evidence” that it will use to accuse Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela of providing weapons. He did not say what the alleged evidence was.

President Daniel Ortega said he has talked with his top military brass to make sure “ Nicaragua takes all measures to avoid all type of provocation.”

Ortega said to the de facto government of Honduras, “Don´t commit the crime of provoking a blood bath in Honduras.”

The Nicaraguan government is also asking the OAS for help liberating some 70 Nicaraguans who have been arrested in Honduras over the past 48 hours, allegedly for their involvement in the protests there.

The Nicaraguan government denies it is involved in the unrest in Honduras.


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