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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Protest in Santa Ana brings traffic to a standstill

A community protest launched Monday at 7 a.m. is estimated to have affected the commute of as many as 30,000 people headed to San José.

Residents of Pozos de Santa Ana, a neighborhood west of the capital, blocked off Próspero Fernández highway for several hours to demonstrate their frustration with the closure of an exit ramp leading to Pozos and a change of location for several bus stops.

A bus that runs about every 30 minutes from Ciudad Colón to downtown San José normally passes right through Pozos. The route that normally takes 40 minutes on Monday took as long as two hours because of the protest. Several buses altered their route and took Calle Vieja, a back road leading to San José.

No plans have been announced to resume the protest on Tuesday, but some people are planning for the worst.

A spokesman for the Ciudad Colón bus line said the company is preparing to resort to alternative and longer routes again if necessary.


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