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Frogs Strut Stuff In OTS Calendar

The Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) has released its 2009 calendar with a spotlight on frogs. It chose the amphibians to draw attention to their dramatic decline in changing global conditions. According to the OTS, frog populations have decreased 75 percent in the past 30 years at its La Selva Biological Station in the northern Caribbean lowlands.

The frog calendars sell for ¢3,500 ($6.40), with profits going to support the organization’s efforts to promote education, research and the responsible use of natural resources in the tropics.

“Recognizing the enormous transformations that are occurring, we decided to dedicate our 2009 calendar to frogs, since they are the first indicators of change in tropical ecosystems,” said Elizabeth Losos, president of OTS.

The organization reforests as it researches, seeking to be the first carbon-neutral tropical research center.

You can find a calendar at the University of Costa Rica’s Ciudad de la Investigación in the eastern San José suburb of San Pedro (2524-0607, ext. 1340). In the United States, contact (919) 684-5774 or

For more information on the OTS, visit

–Tico Times



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