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Leave the Gods Out of Nica Politics

Dear Nica Times:

You wrote in your Sept. 26 interview with U.S. Ambassador Robert Callahan: “As the political gods would have it, 25 years later Callahan is back in the neighborhood…”

The gods have nothing to do with it. This is a continuation of the bloody ReaganBush policies of the 1980s, which are now alive in the second Bush dynastic regime.

Regrettably, you did not study more overtly Callahan and Negroponte’s presence directing the Contra war, and then together in Iraq.

Regrettably, you did not more directly point out the shame of his presence in Managua now.

Regrettably, you did not tell us of the devastating effects of the Central America Free Trade Agreement with the United States.

Gods have nothing to do with it, rather much more menial, darker forces.

I was living in Nicaragua for years in the 1980s. Gods had nothing to do with the killing of innocent people, the destruction of infrastructure, including new schools and health clinics, and the direct, damned lies directed from the Negroponte/Callahan offices.

Gods had nothing to do with it, then or now.

Charles Scanlon

Columbus, New Mexico, USA



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