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3 Dead in Bus Collision in Chinandega

Three people died and at least 37 others were injured Monday when two buses collided outside the northwestern city of Chinandega.

The accident occurred on the

Inter-American Highway

when one bus hit the other from behind during an attempt to pass, said firefighter Luis Antonio Morales.

One of the passengers seated in the bus that was struck in the rear was killed while two others died in the other bus.

According to the preliminary report, the bus that struck the other vehicle had departed from El Guasaule, a town on the border with Honduras, and was heading for Chinandega.

The second bus had left the town of Palo Grande and was also en route to Chinandega.

Emergency-response teams transferred 36 of the injured to a local hospital, while another person injured in the accident was transferred to Managua.



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