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Playa Langosta Restaurant Kid-Friendly

We arrived at Playa Langosta near Tamarindo (on the northern Pacific coast) on a very hot day and the six of us were tired, hot and hungry. No one felt like cooking and we really didn’t want to get in the car again so we walked to the nearest place, which happened to be a small French restaurant called Taboo. I looked at the menu board and became concerned there wouldn’t be anything I liked.

The grown-ups decided to stay.

The owner of the restaurant came over with the wine board and I was relieved when my mother asked what he had for children. The man said, “I’ll make anything you like. I have spaghetti, fish, chicken. The chicken pot pie is really good.” I wondered what the chicken pot pie was.

I agreed to share a chicken pot pie with my sister.My family ordered seafood which tasted great, mahi-mahi which was excellent, tuna, Taboo salad (lettuce, cheese and meat with a goat cheese dressing – “unique and tasty”) and tagliatelle with tomato sauce.

When the chicken pot pie came I saw it was the end of a French log stuffed with vegetables and chicken. On the side were potato wedges, broccoli and some salad. It was delicious. I was so busy eating I didn’t see the adults eating. I finished just in time to have a bite of the chocolate soufflé my dad had ordered.

“It is deliciously chocolaty,” he said.

“Scrumptious,” agreed my sister.

I later told my parents I would like to go to Taboo again.

Katherine Ridley is 9 years old and lives in San Ramón de Tres Ríos, east of San José. She is in fourth grade at San Ramón’s TalarkeSchool.





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