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Early Days and Brave Beginnings

Thirty-seven years ago my early days in C.R. coincided with the trend-setting return to publication of the TT after a period of reorganization.

I was privileged, and slighty bewildered, to receive an invitation to cooperate in the modest fields of publicity and distribution, as this forward-looking paper was rolling off the first offset presses to operate in C.R.

Modern indeed! Well I remember a kindly Dick Dyer explaining to me the interesting procedures in the print shop, whilst preparing, as he put it, “all the news print to fit.”

Also I have in memory an already formidable Dery Dyer early showing her talent for the exacting task of Editor, whilst commanding the respect of all, even from this awkward person twenty-plus years her senior. May Heaven send her many more years at the helm.

In those early days of brave beginnings, in no small measure were forged the bases of what we have become, and I personally owe a debt of gratitude to the TT for the opportunity of making friends and contacts during the launching of my life in C.R., and so, thanks again TT, and forward for 50 years or more!


–Patrick Oxenham

(Glad to say I’m still alive and kicking, continuing my life’s work of more than 57 years of practice in the field of Physiotherapy. Something I must be doing right because I’m seeing new patients every week, although, thank goodness, I have more time now to enjoy the pleasure of just living and working from my home in San Rafael in Montes de Oca. Have no intention to retire whilst I am able to continue to achieve good results. It appears that everybody else is more stressed out than me, so, long may it continue, and don’t forget to invite me to the next celebration when y’all make it to 75 years of publishing the TT).



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