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Ah, Yes, the Gremlins

From the Women s Club Fashion Sow to the 15- foot luxury yacht, the TT Gremlins those mischevious, malevolent, invisible imps have been with the paper since its first edition, and to date no fumigation method has had any effect on them whatsoever.

God knows, we ve tried them all.

The Gremlins take devilish delight in humiliating, embarrassing and mortifying Tico Times staffers by invading copy AFTER it has been carefully written, edited, proofread and corrected. They steal words, garble sentences, distort numbers (numbers are their favorite victims) and even disappear whole paragraphs. They turn photos upside down and switch captions around. They put headlines over the wrong stories. They insert strange names into photo captions. They mess with ads. There s really no end to their havoc, once they get going.

You may think we re kidding. We wish we were. TT staffers nobly accept full responsibility for the usual brain misfires that befall us all, but Gremlin mischief is something else entirely. You know it s Gremlins and not just a human goof when you read something completely incomprehensible something you suspect didn t start out that way and wasn t supposed to come out like that or when the torta in question is acutely embarrassing to the TT.

So here s to the Gremlins! Since we can t get rid of em, we might as well let em join the celebration. (Sometimes treating them nicely keeps them quiet for a while.)


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