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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Costa Rica, Chile Work to Improve Free-Trade Agreement

MEMBERS of the Central American-Chilean Free-Trade AgreementCommission met Nov. 25-26 in Santiagoto discuss ways to strengthen the existingagreement, which has been in effect inCosta Rica since February 2002.Delegates from Chile and Costa Ricadiscussed the possible inclusion in theagreement of agricultural products such asoils (palm, olive, almond and coconut),sweet corn and fresh asparagus.Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Minister,Manuel González, said in a statementthat exports to Chile totaled $7.3 millionin 2003, representing a 72% increasefrom 2002. Exported products includemedicines, aluminum, sugar and radioequipment.Imports from Chile reached $80.5million, including products such as copperwire, tomato paste, apples and otherfruits, and wine.

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