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Glossary of legal terms:

Registro público: National registry of properties.Catastro nacional: Cadastre Registry (of surveyplans) – Department of National Registry inwhich all the survey maps are recorded.Folio real or matrícula: Property number –Unique number assigned to each property toidentify it and distinguish it from other properties.Plano catastrado: Survey plan – A survey mustbe recorded at the Public Registry in order totransfer or acquire a property.Escritura de traspaso: Transfer or conveyancedeed – Document that contains all the stipulationsregarding the parties and the transfer of aproperty or shares of a corporation.Zona Marítimo Terrestre: Maritime-TerrestrialZone – First 200 meters measured from themean high tide line and applies to coastal propertiesalong the Atlantic and Pacific sections ofthe country; as well as, islands, estuaries, pinnaclesof rocks, mangroves and areas exposedduring low tide. This 200 meter-zone is dividedinto two areas: Public Area (50 meters) andRestricted/Concession Area (150 meters).Visado municipal: Municipal approval – Anauthorization from the municipality that isrequired to be inserted on a survey when dealingwith property segregations and when a lot islocated in an urban district.Anotación: Annotation – The way pending documentsprior to registration and some court proceduresare shown at the National Registry.Notario público: Public notary – An attorneylicensed by law to give advice and performlegal acts in good faith.Poder: Power of attorney – Document authorizinga person to act on behalf of another to performgeneral or specific actions.


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