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Costa Rica
Monday, October 18, 2021

Costa Rican president to establish commission to study men’s rights issues, adviser says

Casa Presidencial has promised a men's rights advocacy group that it will form a new interagency commission to study legal imbalances in domestic abuse, custody rights and child support policy in Costa Rica.

Costa Rican men will march to demand ‘gender equality’ before the law

Men asking to be treated equally before the law and for a better system to govern child support and alimony payments will protest on Saturday in San José during the “March for Equality.”
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Health Ministry details Costa Rica vaccine side effects

0.2% of Costa Ricans who received a Covid-19 vaccine reported symptoms that may have been attributed to the shot.

Researchers say fossil shows humans, dogs lived in Central America in 10,000 BC

A 1978 dig in Nacaome, in northern Costa Rica, found bone remains from the Late Pleistocene.

Costa Rica expands vaccine eligibility to all foreigners

Through Thursday, October 14, Costa Rica Social Security Fund (CCSS) establishments will vaccinate irregular migrants against Covid-19, the organization announced. As explained by Dr....