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Rain will go away (Briefly)

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Never mind your soggy shoes and puddles on the ground – the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) says the rainy season isn’t here, yet.

The institute made the statement on its Facebook page Tuesday in response to a  viewer’s inquiry: “I would like to know if we are in the rainy season yet or not!” 

“The rainy season has not yet fully arrived,” replied the IMN, which predicted “intense downpours and electrical storms” in the Central Valley and Central Pacific coast on Tuesday and Thursday – predictions that came true. The IMN didn’t offer a forecast for Wednesday, but rain showed up in the Central Valley anyway.

Flory Oritz, expressing a commonly held sentiment for Central Valley residents, wrote on the comment thread about Tuesday’s rains: “I can only imagine the rains when they fully arrive.” 

IMN meteorologist Gabriela Chinchilla said the Central Valley is in a transitional period and not yet a full-blow rainy season. She said Central Valley residents can expect a mix of sunny days and rainy days until the real rain starts from May 2-15. The Central Pacific region, however, is seeing the beginnings of the rainy season, and the Northern Pacific coast can expect rains to start in earnest at the end of May, Chinchilla said.


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