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Plastic surgeons slicing out their niche

Within Costa Rica’s thriving medical tourism industry, more visitors come to the country for plastic surgery every year.

Alberto J. Argüello

Alberto J. Argüello

The Tico Times asked several plastic surgeons in the capital why so many foreigners choose Costa Rica as a treatment destination.

Here’s what they had to say:

Costa Rica is a great destination for plastic surgery. We have much lower costs [than the U.S.] and state-of-the-art hospitals.

We treat patients as individuals, not numbers; we work closely with our patients to give them that pampering they need.

–Alberto J. Argüello

Arnoldo Fournier

Arnoldo Fournier

Costa Rica’s proximity to the U.S., its favorable exchange rate, the friendliness of its people and the tropical climate are a few of the advantages here.

Add to these the availability of certified, highly skilled surgeons, top-notch hospitals outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, and one of the most stable democracies in Latin America, and it’s easy to see why Costa Rica makes sense for the medical traveler.

–Arnoldo Fournier

Lev Schtirbu

Lev Schtirbu

Costa Rica has been a major plastic surgery destination for more than 25 years. The reasons for this, I believe, are the excellent results achieved for the patients and the reasonable cost of all procedures.

Costa Rican surgeons trained in Brazil, France and the U.S., among a plethora of other countries, have paved the way for an amazing exchange of ideas, bringing forth the best each school of surgery has to offer and combining these approaches in order to create an integrated repository of knowledge.

–Lev Schtirbu

Oscar Suárez

Oscar Suárez

Throughout the years, I have found that there are many reasons patients come to Costa Rica to have surgery with me. We are well-formed and experienced surgeons.

We keep up to date and deliver very good results consistently. In the way our practices are set up, we have closer contact with the patients than what they are used to. Other reasons are that we communicate in English, the flying time is not long and our cost is competitive.

–Oscar Suárez

Victor Urzola

Victor Urzola

Although Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, many Costa Ricans are fluent in English and other languages, and this makes it very easy for patients to feel safe with the process.

Costa Rica is a foreigner-friendly country, and its proximity to the United States and Canada, along with frequent flights in between, make it easy to reach. It has excellent weather year-round and many options for tourists to enjoy this beautiful country.

–Victor Urzola


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