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The Tico Times’ Super Bowl Watching guide

Super Bowl XLV kicks off at Feb. 6 is at 5:29 p.m. Here’s where you can catch the Big Game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers:

At Home

The Super Bowl can be viewed on Channel 25, with an Amnet cable subscription.



Kbana Classic: 2253-4576,

Bar & Restaurant Trio: 2524-0380,

Downtown San José

JR Ribs: Barrio Amón, 2223-0523,

Club Casino Colonial: 9 LCD screens, 2258-2807.

Sportsmen’s Lodge Sports Bar: 8 TV screens,


Chubbs Bar: 9 50” flat screens, 2222-0835,


Timeout Tavern: 15 flat screens, tent outside with 2 flat screens. 300 meters south of the Costa Rican Country Club, 2588-2622.

Kbaña Classic: 2282-7179,

JR Ribs: 2256-0991,

Brad’s Grille: Outdoor BBQ starts at 12:30 p.m.; Live music, special drink prices, 14 HD TVs and 1 large projection screen. 2582-0724, 2582-0725,

Hooligans Trejos Montealegre: 2289-0908.

Hooters: Centro Commercial Plaza Itskatzu, 2588-2340,

Henry’s Beach Cafe: 2289-6250, 2289-6239,


Cassava Sports Restaurant and Grill: Tailgate-style barbecue, 2228-1645.

Flamingo/Brasilito, Guanacaste

Monkey Bar at Flamingo Marina Resort, Flamingo: 2654-4035,

Mariner Inn, Flamingo: 2654-4081.

The Happy Snapper, Brasilito: 2654-4413.

 Don Brasilitos, Brasilito: Big screen TV, 2654-5310,


Kbaña Classic: 2560-5140,

Hooligans Paseo de los Flores: 2560-5718.


Los Amigo’s: 6 42’’ Plasmas TVs, 3 projectors. Tables are reservation only, $20 per seat. Call 2643-2961 and ask for Chris or John.

Clarita’s Bar: 7 large screen TVs. 2643-3327,

Hotel Poseidon Sky Lounge and Sports Bar: 2643-1642,

Jaco Taco: 2643-1313,

The Hook Up at Los Sueños Marriott resort: Playa Herradura, 2630-4444,

La Sabana

Mac’s American Bar: Free admission. 8 TV screens at the bar. 2231-3145,

Manuel Antonio

Byblos Resort’s Billfish Bar & Grill: Numerous 32” TVs, and the special menu. 2777-0411,


Kbaña Classic: 2235-5719,

Puerto Viejo

Café Mango: 50” TV screen. 30 meters from the bus stop.

Tex Mex: Main street in Puerto Viejo.


Kbaña Classic: 2291-6310,

San Francisco

Kbaña Classic: San Francisco 2226-9908,

Kbaña Urbana: San Francisco 2219-7936,

San Pedro

Hooters: 2234-0216,


The Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas Crazy Monkey Bar: 2653-0114.


Kbaña Classic: 2255-0394,

Hooligans Multiplaza: 2201-8261.


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