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Amodeo Puts Art in Motion in Rohrmoser

The western San José neighborhood of Rohrmoser has a relatively new gallery where visitors can see and buy original works by both Costa Rican and foreign artists.

Inaugurated in March, Amodeo Art in Motion is the creation of Tico artist Alonso Durán, gallery director, and North American Steve Flander, art director. The contemporary art gallery features paintings in oil, acrylics, watercolors and pastel, along with photographs, engravings and sculptures.

When Durán and Flander decided to open Amodeo, they had in mind a lot more than just a gallery.

“We wanted to help both young and established artists by providing them a forum where they could exhibit their work, gather and feel like they are part of a wider family,” says Flanders, a San Francisco native who has lived in Costa Rica since 1991.

They also wanted to create a place where people could appreciate high-quality art pieces while also learning about art history and taking painting and drawing classes.

Today, all of that is a reality. Not only does the gallery exhibit works by noted Costa Rican artists (see sidebar), but Durán also offers a monthly lecture on a specific period of art history.

Amodeo also offers artistic consulting services to help people choose the best art pieces for their homes or businesses, Durán says, with the objective of teaching clients how to start their own art collections.

Currently on display at Amodeo is the “digital artography” (digital photographs printed on canvas) of U.S. artist Gary Kwiatek. The exhibit runs through Nov. 9.

Coming up later this month is an exhibit of large-format acrylics entitled “Laberintos” by Ileana Alfaro. Durán’s “Palimpsestos” exhibit of drawings and paintings will finish off the year.

Amodeo Art in Motion is located 100 meters before the end of Rohrmoser Boulevard and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. (The Tico Times discovered it’s a good idea to call to make sure the gallery is open before stopping by.) The gallery is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, when appointments are by request only.

For a schedule of upcoming events, exhibits, classes and lectures, go to For information, call 291-1908 or 387-1338.

Artists at Amodeo

Motion include:


Ileana Alfaro: Abstract painter who uses her body to “print” herself on the canvas. She uses the human body as a source of inspiration.


Angela Dacosta: Oil painter from the Caribbean province of Limón. She portrays life on the Caribbean coast in landscapes and the human figure.


Alonso Durán: Amodeo’s director is an abstract painter who makes use of warm colors, geometric figures, mathematical formulas and computer techniques to express the relationship between science and art. He has degrees in engineering and fine arts.


Rosemary Golcher: Known for her abstract works on glass using watercolors and acrylics. Experienced in art restoration.


Margarita Gómez: This 84-year-young painter is one of the country’s most important watercolorists. Honored in 2006 by the Costa Rican Watercolorist Association for her long career in the arts, Gómez still paints and gives painting lessons.


Anabel Núñez: A young, emerging oil painter who uses the female body as her main subject.


Ileana Piszk: Her acrylics make reference to human behavior on both social and individual levels. She makes use of abstract expressionism.


Gerardo Ramírez: His works include sculptures, paintings and engravings. He is widely known for his abstract pieces and his involvement in public art.


Marianela Salgado: While this artist has worked with sculptures and murals, she is mostly known for her oils and watercolors. She usually deals with human existence, relationships and psychology.


Gustavo Serrano: Specializes in woodcuts and metal engravings using printing inks and other materials.



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