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Mango Harvest Threatened By Heavy Wind and Rain

Bad weather during the first three months of this year will likely result in a smaller-than-usual mango harvest, according to a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

Unseasonable rains and winds have caused 25% of mangoes to fall from trees prematurely in some regions of the country and 40% in other areas, where high winds have knocked the budding fruits to the ground, the statement said.

“We have to be very attentive to possible problems of insects and diseases that could be worse because of this year’s climatic conditions, especially in January and February, when strong gusts of wind caused the mangoes to fall prematurely,” said Juan Mora, a National Innovation Institute (INTA) engineer.

Heavy rains can also allow for the growth of harmful fungi on mangoes,Mora added, such as one that causes black spots and another that causes the fruits to fall from the tree when they’re just slightly formed.

He recommended the use of traps to combat fruit flies, which can also damage the harvest and are more prevalent during the rainy season.



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