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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Companies Plan Expansion Into Salvadoran Market

OFFERING approximately 70 productsthat range from cooking pans tostoves and car parts, representativesfrom 14 Costa Rican companies in themetal products sector visited El Salvadorthis week, according to a statement fromthe Foreign Trade Promotion Office(PROCOMER).In 2001, El Salvador imported $313million in metal products, of which only$21 million came from Costa Rica.“The commercial mission of the metalproducts sector forms part of a PROCOMERadvancement strategy for thissector that has included three visits toCaribbean and Central American countriesin less than a year,” PROCOMER GeneralManager Martín Zúñiga said.In 2004, Costa Rica exported almost$200 million in products to El Salvador,according to the statement.

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