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More Than a Piece of Heaven

One of a kind Home, 400 square meters, equivalent to 4,305.564 square foot. Built in a 9,130 square meters or 2.22 acres of land.

This property is situated at 57 kilometers from Central Park of San Jose.

Taking Highway #2, going south toward Panama. Paved road all the way; same road to San Isidro del General.

Here, the impossible becomes possible. This property is close to the paved road but It’s a quiet and secluded area. There is an incomparable view, without sacrificing safety, neither losing the usage of land. The corridor of lush vegetation protects you from the noise of the road. The area is surrounded by flora and fauna typical at 8,000 feet elevation above sea level.

Is not to disappoint anyone; no mosquitoes or poisonous snakes; nor are there any tarantulas that you could be used to at lower elevations.

Pleasant temperatures goes from 53 degrees Fahrenheit up to 70 degrees, occasionally going down to 45 degrees. This Unique Home has 2 sources of

Heat, using electric-based Board Heaters in each room, imported from USA, plus a Wood Burning Stove, originally from early 19 hundreds.

Huge American type garage, you could live in it and ample driveway for extra parking.

Hot water all over the house. Four beautiful bedrooms, and an extra room for a Gardener or Maid. A “Casita or Ranchito for last minute guests, or to host and informal party and spare the main house from disaster.

The exterior of the house is built out of concrete and the finest wood makes up the interior of the home; Chilean Pine, Cypress, Eucalyptus and Pilon.

The home is totally insulated with imported material and sealed 100% to maintain the heat. There is no for need air conditioning.

Enjoy the marvelous view from any room of the house.

Two full bathrooms, an office, 3 TV rooms or seating areas and a very spacious baranda L shape is there to enjoy the views and wild life. Observe numerous species of birds; Quetzals, Hummingbirds, Warblers, Thrush, etc. Also, you will see wild hens and rabbits.  Plenty of flora is an attraction by itself with wild Berries, Orchids, Lilies, Hydrangeas and lots of Ferns.  Different types of Muss, it was learned in my trip to Iceland that Muss grows only where air is not polluted.

The open concept floor plan, gives this house the air of grandeur and uniqueness.  There is a laundry Room, huge kitchen with customized Covers and Countertop; everything new.  The house is only 3 years old and never rented.

Tired of the same Ocean view?  This is your property, see the waves of the Pacific Ocean, and the town of Parrita from a distance only early in the morning.  Gaze at spectacular sunset, City lights of San Marcos and Santa Maria de Dota.

The property is located 7 kilometers from a Gas station, Police Station, Health Center and huge restaurant.  Also, Across the street from a High School, and a 20 minutes drive from Hospitals, Banks, Fire Department and everything else a big city offers.  There is excellent bus service to San Jose, Cartago, Santa Maria, San Marcos, San Isidro del General and Panama.

Learn first hand and brag to your friends you are only a 20 minutes drive on an impeccable road to the coffee farms that produce the best coffee of the world.  Take your own tours. Visit with the farmers and discover why Starbucks and the Japanese discriminated any other type of coffee; this High Altitude Coffee.

This house furniture is Brand New, you could buy it Furnished or unfurnished. Some of the Furniture is Imported.

The recollection of rain water becomes a waterfall that goes to a pond. Public services are provided, $10 a month for water service. Cellular reception a must, the proximity to the towers says all. Fixed line is provided upon request. Different options to cable TV; Claro, skype, all International Channels you could be interested in.  The entrance to this property tells you, You are in the country but with a Style. The electric Gate forms a decorative wall, in just the front. The rest is fenced without feeling enclosed; what we call living fenced.

The Master Bedroom has a private bathroom, and a private sitting area, all on the first floor.  There is another Bedroom also on the first floor and a Full Bathroom.  The second Floor has a Large mezzanine, TV Room and two more Bedrooms

All the windows show the Magnificent Views and the beautiful  lamps give the feelings you are set apart from the rest.  If your thing is to enjoy and spoil yourself and if what you want is to make a profit while you enjoy yourself this is the place.  You don’t  have to pay $20 some dollars for a cocktail to enjoy somebody else’s view.  Take control, make other people pay for those cocktails for your view.

And last but not least, The Balcony is a conversation piece, You want the feeling that clouds are touchable; this is the place.  You want to see some days when the towns at lower elevation are getting hit by storm, this is the place.

No one could take this view away by building something in front of it. The land shows nature at its best. This house has 2.22 acres leading to a back road.  I’m not a Real Estate Agent, I’m the owner, I’m selling it. Pay only for the Million dollar view; the rest is on me. Take the opportunity to give your personal touch to this sanctuary.

If you want to prove what I said, I could rent it to you for a $1.000 a week. You could look at the photos. However you must be present to see it. owner motivated to sell,

Now just $925.000.

Additional appliances or extra furniture could be provided as a request and gardener services are also provided.

Contact information: Phone number : ( 011 506)  40 30 61 23   Spanish, English and French spoken.

Cellular Number:(011 506)  87 35 68 96

E mail address kitty3517angel@gmail.com

Spanish Only Phone in Costa Rica ( 506)  72 47 08 59.

Email address:cortespc2000@yahoo.es

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