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Saturday, September 18, 2021

John Ross and the responsibility of being a ‘rebel reporter’

New book “Rebel Reporting: John Ross Speaks to Independent Journalists,” edited by Cristalyne Bell and Norman Stockwell, is on sale now just in time for the holidays. Here's a look.

Book Review: ‘Green Season’ delivers delights, belly laughs and revelations

Robert Isenberg offers the reader a kaleidoscopic view of Costa Rica. He takes them on unusual museum visits, participates in drunken carnivals, tears down the dusty veneers of once-proud cities like Puerto Limón, speaks to young women who have been physically abused and, like most U.S. youths who visit Costa Rica, takes the required surfing lessons.

The life and times of a very big fish: United Fruit’s Sam Zemurray

Throughout this whirlwind of a book about a whirlwind of a life, Cohen teaches the reader about bananas, Central American politics and history, and the Banana King’s role in the turbulent politics of Honduras and Guatemala in particular.

‘Paradise Imperfect’ a competent expat memoir

Unlike so many would-be authors, Page can put words together. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and has published in The New York Times, and her literary competence shows. Some sections in “Paradise Imperfect” are smart and eloquent, and she frames her story well.

‘Headhunters at My Doorstep’ a departure for Troost

In 2004, J. Maarten Troost burst onto the travel-writing scene with his first book, “The Sex Lives of Cannibals.” Troost was lovable for many reasons: He was a Gen X slacker, but inspired enough to live in the South Pacific. He was funny, but not hyperbolic. He was Dutch, but not really European – more like a bumbling Englishman with a hemp necklace. He was smart, free-spirited, and utterly fun.
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