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Monday, August 2, 2021

Arenal Report

The February meeting of the Ladies of the Lake was held at Victoria Torley’s home in Aguacate. Attendance was excellent, and many new members of the community were warmly welcomed. The potluck buffet is always excellent, and is indicative of the culinary skills of  “the Arenal Cooks.” 

Gloria Dempsey, Nuevo Arenal’s own animal welfare expert, delivered an outstanding presentation of what to do in case of snake bite or toad-poisoning affecting family pets. Gloria’s recent spay/neuter clinic in Nuevo Arenal was also discussed with much appreciation for her efforts. In Tronodora and Tilarán, Judy Reisman’s team operated on more than 60 dogs and cats. We salute the untiring efforts of these ladies in the reduction of unwanted and hungry street animals. 

Nuevo Arenal’s favorite community activist, Jeff Spencer, has spearheaded the Sports Committee and organized a great three-day event. The night of Feb. 25 was designated the “Good Shape” kickoff. Instruction and participation was held in the 5 Tibetan Rites (to prolong life), followed by aerobics and yoga. This was a free event, open to all at the gymnasium. Tuesday night the gymnasium hosted volleyball, basketball and stadium football.

All were well attended. The final event of the three-day series was held on Wed., Feb. 27, and included an exciting relay race for the school children from grades 1-6. The kids formed teams and thoroughly enjoyed the competition. The Nuevo Arenal community continues to come together for the benefit of locals, temporary residents, permanent residents and folks just passing through town.

–William & Jean Priest
[email protected]

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