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Monday, August 2, 2021

Arenal Report

We encourage everyone who missed Tico Times’ writer Matt Levin’s excellent article on influenza – commonly referred to as “ the flu” – to get online and read it (TT, Sept. 21-27). The article was accurate and comprehensive. The most shocking statistic is that 40 percent of children in Costa Rica are infected by the flu each year. Influenza is a dangerous illness responsible for thousands of deaths annually, yet it is preventable by immunization with a flu vaccine. Mr. Levin’s article has detailed information. Read it and share it with a friend. You might be surprised to find yourself listed in a group at high risk. 

Continuing in the medical vein, pet owners should be aware that Costa Rica’s supply of snake anti-venom for pets ran out on Sept. 21. The Clodomiro Picado Institute in San José produces and supplies anti-venom for all of Central America. The newest batch of anti-venom is in production, but when asked when more would become available, a spokesperson for CPI said, “we don’t know.” In the meantime, note which of your friends may have some on hand in case you need it for your pet. As a rule, most vets do not keep it because it’s too expensive and has a short shelf life. Anti-venom for humans is available everywhere.

 The Lake Christmas Baazar will take place Dec. 9, but it’s not too early to get started on art and craft projects, canning and freezing favorite food specialties, and setting aside items you wish to sell or donate.

Thanks to Michele Glenn and Gloria Dempsey for their assistance in writing this column.

–William & Jean Priest

[email protected]

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