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Monday, August 2, 2021

Arenal Report

Cosehas has opened a new store next to Musmanni on the main street of Nuevo Arenal. Cosehas, a franchise with stores throughout Costa Rica, specializes in fruit and antioxidant drinks (

Options range from a tasty, medium-sized lemonade ({700/ $1.40) to the healthy antioxidant special containing vinegar, cabbage, apples, broccoli, pineapple and tomato ({1,100/ $2.20). There are a wide variety of milkshakes and other fruit drinks as well. This franchise implements Taiwanese technology for packaging and sealing; drinks are served in sealed containers that you can carry down the street or take in the car without fear of spilling or contamination. 

A short distance up the unpaved Gymnasium Road is Río Frío Macadamia Farm, where University of Costa Rica recently began shooting video for a story. It’s tentatively set to air on Channel 15 in October. Michelle Cloutier, a former Peace Corps volunteer living in Costa Rica, owns and operates the farm.

She offers tours and an opportunity to learn more about macadamia nuts. The tour covers the entire life cycle of the nut, and includes a visit to the nursery and the fields. Río Frío Macadamia Farm not only processes the nuts they harvest, but also nuts from farmers in Tronadora.

The best time to take a tour is at the end of July, when a crew of 20 women cracks, sorts and packages the nuts. To schedule a tour, contact Michelle Cloutier. Her hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays; call 2694-4225 or 8896-2048 in advance for a tour.

–William & Jean Priest

[email protected]

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