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With the recent rains, the first in nearly six months, Las Playas is again in full bloom, and many of us need professional help controlling the growth, as well as assistance in overall property beautification. Plant Works is Coco’s lawn and garden specialist, highly knowledgeable about our local plants and their habits. They provide free estimates and are well qualified to make recommendations for your personal wants. Call 8832-8673 or 2670-2171.

In response to the increased crime rate noted recently not only in this column but in an expanded article in The Tico Times (TT, May 20), a tactical police team has been assigned to the area. Currently based in Coco, the team has been headquartered in a highly visible bus parked in front of Coldwell Banker and is assessing the changing situation in this fast-growing area. Many thanks to Coldwell Banker, and Linda Gray in particular, for both the efforts to obtain this and for providing facilities for the police.

MV CONTA, the well-known local accounting team, has partnered with U.S. Tax and Accounting, S.A., to provide U.S. citizens with the tax and legal services they need while in Costa Rica. Among the services provided are assisting in establishing a Costa Rican corporation, income taxes for both the U.S. and Costa Rica, wills and estate planning. For more information, call 2670-2241.