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ICT Opens Art Gallery in La Uruca

Abstract and figurative watercolors are among the works being shown at the Costa Rican Tourism Board’s (ICT) new art gallery at its offices in the western San José district of La Uruca.

This first exhibit, titled “Costa Rica Is Art and Nature,” features the work of 30 artists from the Costa Rican Watercolorists’ Association.

“This new artistic space is a special place for the national and international public to enter into a dialogue with those who exhibit their work,” Tourism Minister Carlos Ricardo Benavides said. “It is also a way to introduce … artists, businessmen, artisans, men and women committed to spreading the values of conservation and sustainable tourism.”

The new gallery was created by the ICT to strengthen the image of Costa Rica’s natural abundance and cultural expressions, while the colorful natural scenes in the exhibit, such as Xinia Matamoros’ “Platanillo” and José Miguel Yglesias’ “Jaguar in the Forest,” were created to reflect the image of a country abounding with natural beauty.

“Costa Rica is a country with natural beauty throughout its territory; this is a theme of inspiration for every painter, and it stimulates watercolorists particularly,” said Matamoros, president of the watercolorists’ association. “The watercolor method places the pigment on the paper through water, creating light and transparencies that are usually found in nature.”

“Watercolor is an unpredictable medium because it is impossible to correct or change like you can do in other forms, such as oil paintings,” added Yglesias, the association’s founder. “When we look at a masterfully done watercolor painting, we see light, water, color and transparency, and all of this can be found in nature.”

Those who visit the ICT’s offices will now find a space for artists who want to position their work on the international market. The paintings now on display were all made specifically for this exhibit and are available for sale. The artists have been working on the landscape, animal and floral images since June.

This first exhibit will run until the end of January. The idea is to hold various exhibits throughout the year with similar themes reinforcing the importance of the country’s natural diversity.

For more information about the exhibit, contact the ICT at 2299-5800 or the watercolorists’ association at 2276-8916. The ICT is located on the east side of the JuanPabloIIBridge in La Uruca. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.n



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