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Community Pitches in to Help Clean Laguna de Apoyo

Environmentalist Jaime Incer, head of the non-profit Fundacion Natura, said he hopes last weekend’s two day clean-up of Laguna de Apoyo – in which 30 scuba divers snatched up trash from the deep blue bottom of the lagoon – will inspire Nicaraguans to conserve sources of water in this lagoon-spangled country.

Three hundred volunteer trash pickers, scuba divers and members of the Nicaraguan Navy spent Nov. 29-30 filling bags with trash found in and around the lagoon as part of the cleanup effort organized by Fundacion Natura, nongovernmental group Rock Ecologico and the Association of Municipalities of the Laguna de Apoyo basin, according to Roger Hernández of Fundacion Natura.

“Nicaragua’s future depends on the availability of water,” Incer told reporters. “As the rivers start drying up, the lakes will become the source to satisfy the domestic needs of all of Nicaragua.”

–Nica Times



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