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U.N. Helps Gov’t Battle Malnutrition

In a two-birds, one-stone effort to get Nicaragua’s poorest pregnant mothers and children on the health system’s radar while battling malnutrition, the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is distributing nutrient-rich food rations in health clinics to feed 43,000 kids and moms.

“The food that the FAO distributes is also an incentive for women to attend the health clinics and bring their kids. It’s a multi-purposed visit in which they can receive medical attention while they mind their diet,” said FAO representative William Hart.

As part of the year-long program, more than 500 metric tons of vegetable oil and nutrient-rich cereal will be distributed at 127 health clinics to kids under 3 and atrisk pregnant or lactating women.Most of the participating clinics are located in the northern Pacific and in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN).

Financed by USAID, Canadian, Japanese and several European governments, the program is being carried out by the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Health.

Food is being allocated in three massive hand-outs, the first which took place in March, according to a press statement released this week.

In a vicious cycle of hunger and poverty, pregnant women and children face the greatest risk of health and nutritional disorders, according to the FAO statement.

Those looking to support the program can do so at or by contacting FAO Nicaragua at 266-8044 ext. 2119 or at email address



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