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359 hectares of Cloudforest in San Ramon Alajuela

Location and details :

This plot has a surface area of 359 hectares and consists of forest and pasture land. Due to the high altitude (approx.1.150 metres), it has a pretty cool climate and there is regular rainfall. The location is about 6 km from the main road and is fairly accessible with a normal car, however, a 4×4 is preferable. The land is suitable for the cultivation of bamboo (very fast growing) and livestock or poultry. In the current state the property can serve as a source of carbon credits. This would yield a fair remuneration annually. The government plans to build a reservoir on part of the land to meet the growing energy needs of the central valley which also includes San Jose. It is also not excluded that the government will show interest in this area in the near future.

 Location: Los Angeles – San Ramon


Canton: San Ramon

District: Los Angeles

Nearest Town: San Ramon, 10 km.

International airport: San Jose, 42 km.

Surface property: 3.597.324 m2.

Property Description: 359 hectares / 837,7 acres of farmland (bosque secundaria)

Possible use of land: Agriculture/Bamboo, Livestock, Tourism, Housing Eco-Tourism, CO2 rights.

GPS coordinates: 10,10,35 N en 84,31,24 W

Ownership structure: unsplit

Price: $900.000.

For more information contact roses1@qualisa.com


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$900,000 USD

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